The professionals at 19th St. are in great demand. We respectfully ask that you honor your commitment for your scheduled appointment. We realize that life happens, but please help us by giving us at least 24 hours notice if you need to change your appointment. This allows others who may be waiting on that time slot 24 hours notice to arrange their schedules to fill the spot that you are vacating. Our salon and spa professionals are commissioned and their livelihoods are based on services rendered. Missed or less than 24 hours notice for an appointment can be subject to a charge.

If you are running late, even by just a few minutes, please give us a call so we will know you are coming. Arriving 15 or more minutes late may require that your appointment be rescheduled at a later date, so that subsequent appointments are not affected.

We have established certain policies regarding children in our facility, for the safety of all patrons and to ensure that our spa provides a peaceful, soothing environment for our clients. Children should not be in the salon unless they are receiving a service. Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. Children are not allowed in our second floor spa area or on the stairway leading to the spa area. You may be asked to reschedule your appointment if you bring children without supervision while you are receiving a service.

Gratuities are not included in our service charges. If you would like to add a gratuity to your payment, please let our checkout coordinator know. Gratuities may be paid in cash or check, but cannot be charged or paid by credit card.

Important reminder about cell phones: Please silence your cell phone upon entering the spa, or place it on vibrate. Your courtesy in this area helps us provide a relaxed and quiet environment for your treatment, and for all of our patrons.

Return Policy: Returns are not allowed on any products that have been opened. Returns are also not allowed on unused products after seven days of the purchase date. All service issues must be reported within three days business.